Cameras looking to deter crime in Venice parks

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VENICE, FL - Vandalism is causing the city of Venice to install cameras at area parks. Recently the city spent around $50,000 on new restrooms at Centennial Park downtown. Already there have been three instances of vandalism. Doors and urinals broken off, graffiti too.

Last week the cameras went up to help deter more issues or catch those in the act. Cameras will also be going up at the South Jetty and the public fishing pier where other instances have been taking place. "These are public places and we are not doing it in every location but we are targeting places where we have problems," says Public Works Director John Veneziano.

While some claim it's more big brother watching, those we found at the park Wednesday like Ruth and Don Dawson say they don't have a problem with loosing a little privacy. "I have no problem with that. You're privacy is in your home. I don't want them as they say in my bedroom but in public it is a different issue."

Veneziano says they spend thousands annually repairing vandalism. He says the new camera system at Centenial Park cost around $600.