BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// Calendar//EN METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:tncms-event_578c9adc-7e23-11e3-9301-0019bb30f31a CLASS:PUBLIC SUMMARY:Sarasota Keys Piano Project - single DTSTAMP:20170523T190755Z DTSTART:20140709T120000Z DTEND:20140709T235958Z LOCATION:downtown Sarasota PRIORITY:0 DESCRIPTION:“Join us as we launch the interactive music and art project in Downtown Sarasota! The event will feature a ‘mega concert’ with six pianists at each of the pianos, before they are rolled to their host locations.” The Arts and Cultural Alliance is bringing an interactive music and art project to the streets of Downtown Sarasota with the inaugural season of Sarasota Keys.The Sarasota Keys piano project will place six spinet pianos along the sidewalks of Main Street, Pineapple Avenue, and Palm Avenue. These pianos are open for the public to play, explore, learn, practice, and most importantly, enjoy.On Monday, December 2, the Sarasota City Commissioners approved a six-month pilot program for up to six pianos to be placed on public sidewalks during the day.Local businesses and individuals have chipped in to sponsor and host the pianos.Six of Sarasota’s legacy artists have been selected, with the help of curator Tim Jaeger, to create the pianos into works of public art.mid-January, all six pianos will be placed downtown for public use. Locations, artists, and opening event information will be released soon.Many other major cities around the world have initiated piano projects, but none have involved an entire community to get it off the ground.With the combination of local businesses, local artists, and local arts organizations, the Sarasota Keys piano project will truly celebrate and enliven the vibrant Downtown Sarasota area and its powerful arts and cultural community. END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR