The end of Thanksgiving?

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SARASOTA, FL - Growing concerns can be heard amid the sound of shoppers rejoicing, as many retailers are unveiling plans to offer big sales on Thanksgiving day.

Remember when everyone waited until next day for all that? Those days may be a thing of the past because customers shopping the major retail stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Target can already find Christmas trees and other holiday decorations filling the isles.

“Having our holiday items out in November is really preparing the guest for the holidays, getting into that holiday spirit and giving our guest enough time to make those holiday purchases,” explained George Papadeas.

Papadeas is an executive team leader at the Super Target store on University Parkway. He tells ABC7, Target’s mission is to make holiday shopping as easy as possible for customers.

“We don’t want them to fill rushed with the holiday purchases. We want the holidays to go as comfortable as possible for our guest and to make them feel like the holidays our here to welcome them.”

Many stores will get an early start on Black Friday business by opening their doors Thanksgiving. Super Wal-Mart stores are open 24 hours a day anyway but this year they will begin Black Friday deals at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Suzie Shue doesn’t think stores should be open on Thanksgiving at all.

“I think it should be special. I think they should give their employees a break and spend time with their families.”

Target Stores will open at 8pm on Thanksgiving night. It is Target policy to only use employees who want to work the Thanksgiving shift.

“The way we schedule our team members here is really by volunteer basis. The team member tells us if they want to work. If the team member doesn’t want to work on that 8pm Thanksgiving night, Black Friday that is up to them, they don’t have to,” said Papadeas.

While plenty of shoppers will hit the stores on Thanksgiving Day, many more will take the day off.

“I think Thanksgiving should be with the family and everybody should be closed. That is what Thanksgiving is about,” said shopper Robert Miller.

No matter what your opinion is about shopping on Thanksgiving Day, one thing is certain, if retailers can make money on Thanksgiving they will continue to keep their doors open.