Keeping electronic devices safe from summer

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Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) -- We bring our smart phones and tablets just about everywhere these days but now that summer is coming up, the beach and the pool can present some unique hazards to devices. 

While there are plenty of pricey waterproof accessories that can protect your device, tech experts say that a plastic baggie will work just as well to protect phones from sand and splashing. 

However, sand can be cleaned out of the crevices of a device with a can of compressed air. Also, if your phone does get splashed or falls into the water, sticking it in a bowl of dry rice can save the gadget. 

It's also important to never leave devices in the car as they can overheat quite quickly and may refuse to operate until they've cooled down. On that note, if you decide to bring your phone or tablet into the sun with you, try to keep it in the shade or at least out of direct sunlight.