Issa accuses IRS of obstructing investigation

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WASHINGTON (AP) — A GOP lawmaker accuses the Internal Revenue Service of obstructing congressional investigations into its targeting of tea party groups. The head of the IRS denies the charge.

Republican. Darrell Issa of California chairs the House Oversight Committee. He says the IRS has been slow to produce documents. And when the agency does, documents are so thoroughly blacked out, they are useless to investigators.

Danny Werfel is acting head of the IRS. He says the agency has given 16,000 pages of documents to Issa's committee and more than 70,000 pages to Congress. Werfel said documents are blacked out to protect confidential taxpayer information.

The lawmaker and the IRS chief squared off in a heated exchange during a hearing on Friday. Issa's committee is one of three panels investigating the IRS.