Glympse app - share where you are in a safe and secure way

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- Are you looking for the latest and greatest app to add to your smartphone? In this App-etite report, a "glympse" into an app that lets you see where your friends and family are with the push of button.

Want to let people know exactly where you are in a safe and secure way? Just send them a "Glympse." The GPS app allows you to share your location with other users but under your parameters.

By setting an expiration time, you can control how long someone can track you location. From just 15 minutes to three hours, the app is great for running errands or taking a long trip.

If you now someone who always seems behind schedule, you can request a Glympse so you know exactly what time they'll arrive.

Glympse can even tell how fast your traveling, so you can get a real idea of how far away someone is.

And if you're traveling in a group, you can start a group Glympse so no one gets left behind

Glympse is free and available for both iOS and Android devices.

You can download the app to in the iTunes store or Google Play.

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