Bradenton man held at gunpoint during home invasion robbery

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BRADENTON, Fla. - A Manatee County man was held at gunpoint and robbed after answering a knock at his door.

It happened at the 6-thousand block of Riverview Blvd. at 5:30 in the morning Thursday, July 18th.  According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, 23 year old Zachary Brown answered the knock on a side door of his father's home.  The suspect, 30 year old Kevin Duffy, pointed a gun at Brown, while two other suspects ran inside and took two flat screen TV's and laptop computer.

The suspects then ran off.  The incident was reported nearly six hours later by Brown's father.  Two handguns were also missing from the father's vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.