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Arcadia couple considers moving out of Fl. after flooding during both Irma and Harvey

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ARCADIA, FL (WWSB) - While the Suncoast may have dodged a bullet when it came to Hurricane Irma's winds, the storm's rain is causing some damaging flooding.

On Southwest Otter Trail in Arcadia, high water trucks and boats are the best way to get to the home of Zach Beasley and his girlfriend, Chiara Aken.

The young couple got about 2 ft. of water in their home after Irma's rains caused the Horse Creek to rise.

"Everything we have is gone. It's sad. It was our home, it was our only place," said Beasley.

While the water has somewhat subsided in recent days, murky waters continue to coat the floors. Tadpoles and other animals now claim the house as their own.

"Everything's gone. We're still making payments on this stuff," he said, pointing to new appliances in the kitchen.

They have lived in the rental home for just seven months. They moved in back in March.

The high school sweethearts were able to salvage some things, including Beasley's diabetic supplies.

"It's hard to know what are you supposed to grab," said Aken.

Aken rides horses and two of her own lived on the property, which includes a barn. They evacuated them to safety before the waters rose.

The couple is living with Aken's mom, but they are unsure where to turn next.

"Honestly we don't know. I've been reaching out to people on Facebook. People I know, friends with horses, land, to see if I can keep my horses with them until I'm situated and find a new place," said Aken.

Beasley and Aken both say the new place could be not just out of town, but out of state. Their home already took on water once before just two weeks ago after Hurricane Harvey.

"We can't afford to start over 20 times. Once or twice okay, but every time it rains, we can't afford to do it," said Beasley.

Beasley says they have reached out to FEMA for assistance, but they were not able to offer much help.

DeSoto County is not currently included in the federal disaster declaration. The governor has requested that the entire state be included in the declaration.

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