8-year-old serves as adviser to adults on new ABC game show

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NOKOMIS, FL (WWSB)- An 8-year-old (dare we say) genius from Nokomis is making his television debut this week on a new ABC game show.

Clark Walkup was recently taken to New York to film six episodes of a new game show called "Child Support."

The premise of the show is that when adults don't know the answer to certain trivia questions, they can be saved by a panel of five children, which serve as advisers to the adults.

And trivia is Clark's specialty, which is why his mom signed him up.

"He has an exceptional memory and can remember things that he's read and seen from he time he was a very young age," said Jamie Walkup, Clark's mother.

Clark was one of 15 kids who made it onto the show "Child Support" out of 900 applicants.

"I just love meeting new people, there were all sorts of nice kids and cast members," said Clark.

"Everybody should be proud of their kids but yes we're very proud of him," said Jamie. 

Clark taught himself to read when he was only two years old. His parents noticed it on a family trip, when they dropped a deck of q-cards that they were using with him. "We thought he had just memorized them but when he picked them up from the ground he read them one by one as he was giving them to us," said Adam Walkup, his father. 

His parents say they don't push him towards any subject in particular, and his interests have changed throughout the years. Right now? It's war history, Chinese, and Tae Kwon Do, according to Clark.

"It's essentially useless [information] , but at the same time it's completely important, like you'll never know when you'll need these things, but at the same time it's very important," said Clark.

You can watch Clark this Friday night at 8pm right here on ABC7.