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Tropical Weather-Atlantic for Monday, July 17, 2017


Monitoring a tropical wave that has the potential to further develop

The Atlantic Basin remains relatively quiet, but there are several tropical waves we are monitoring. One wave in particular has a chance to develop into a more organized system over the next few

days. The waves we are monitoring are along 30 west, south of 16 north, along 53 west, south of 15 north, and along 82 west, south of 18 north. These waves are moving westward at an average speed of

6-8 degrees longitude per day.

Some model guidance suggests potential development with the tropical wave currently near 53 degrees west longitude. However, these same models also show varying degrees of dry, stable air and the

presence of strong vertical wind shear in the path of this feature. This wave will be in an area of relatively low wind shear and warm ocean waters over the next 24-48 hours as it moves through the

Lesser Antilles, then it will encounter strong wind shear as it traverses the Caribbean Sea toward the middle and end of the week.

The lack of robust tropical waves, persistence of dry air and dust along and north of 15 degrees north latitude and regions of strong vertical wind shear continue to hamper tropical development

across the basin. Based on current information, we only see a low chance for development of the wave near 53 west, and no support for development elsewhere this week.

By AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis


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