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The Nation's Weather for Saturday, November 11, 2017



Much of the eastern third of the nation can expect dry

weather as the Northeast gets off to a frigid start today.

Sunshine and light wind should bring a less harsh feel for

the afternoon. However, a stiff breeze will create rough

surf and showers along Florida's east coast. A swath of

clouds and spotty showers is forecast from South Texas to

the central Plains. This moisture will transition to a

wintry mix and snow farther north to the Upper Midwest. A

batch of snow and flurries is forecast to dust parts of the

northern Rockies. A pocket of chilly air will settle over

part of the northern High Plains as temperatures begin to

moderate farther east over the North Central states. Much of

the rest of the West will be dry, except for spotty rain

showers along the Washington coast.


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National High Friday 87 at Miami, FL

National Low Friday -17 at Togo, MN


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