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Shooter in Texas church massacre identified

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Sutherland Springs- Law Enforcement in San Antonio Texas say the man who allegedly murdered 26 people in a small Baptist Church this morning is an Air Force Veteran.   He has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelley.

More than 100 people gathered after dark on a grassy street corner within sight of the church where the shooting occurred for a prayer vigil.

Attendees, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, lit candles while some wept and others hugged Sunday night. They could see the church sign lit up and emergency lights flashing.

The vigil across the street from a gas station convenience store where law enforcement officials say the shooter stopped before the attack.

Mike Gonzales, who does not attend the church but lives near says: "The people of this church are wonderful people." Gonzales added, "We're coming together to pray for them and show the world that now, in the midst of darkness, there is light."

Authorities say 26 people were killed and about 20 wounded in the attack.

The Pentagon has confirmed the suspect identified in the mass shooting at a Texas church previously served in the Air Force.

In a brief statement, the Pentagon says Devin Kelley was an airman "at one point," but additional details about his time in the Air Force were not immediately available.

Witnesses have been quoted as saying Kelley was armed with a semi automatic rifle.  They said he dropped it an ran when a church neighbor began shooting at him with his own rifle.

Police said Kelley led them on a short chase into a neighboring county. Kelley wrecked his car, and then died of a gunshot wound. It was not clear if he took his own life, or was killed by a member of law enforcement.