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'Eating for two' not recommended during pregnancy

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(WWSB) - Moms to be have probably heard the idiom ‘eating for two.’ But according to Dr. Karen Cooper, a physician at Cleveland Clinic, ‘eating for two’ shouldn’t be taken literally.

In fact, it doesn’t mean that you should have double the helpings. “It means that you are mindful that you need a little more extra calories while you’re carrying your baby and calories that are nutrient-dense, and that will support your health and the baby’s health,” said Dr. Cooper

A recent study by The Journal of the American Medical Association shows that more than two-thirds of pregnant women either gain more or less than the recommend amount of weight during pregnancy….

Women with a healthy body mass index should gain 25-35 pounds according to researchers. And women who are overweight or obese should only be gaining 11-20 pounds.

Dr. Cooper said staying within the suggested guidelines is the best way to prevent pregnancy co0mplications such as "diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia and to help protect the growing baby."

But, she also stresses that pregnant women should just try to be “as healthy as possible.”