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Central-Current Conditions

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Central Region Current Conditions as of 01:00 AM CST Wednesday, January 3, 2018


City/Town, State;Weather Condition;Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%)

Austin, TX;Clear;25;N;3;78%

Baton Rouge, LA;Cloudy;32;N;8;43%

Bismarck, ND;Clear;4;WNW;3;83%

Chicago, IL;Cloudy;8;SW;12;71%

Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX;Clear;23;WNW;5;50%

Des Moines, IA;Cloudy;21;WNW;16;68%

Dodge City, KS;Clear;22;NW;13;43%

Duluth, MN;Mostly cloudy;5;NW;12;66%

El Paso, TX;Intermittent clouds;33;WSW;6;49%

Fargo, ND;Clear;-2;NNW;16;78%

Houston, TX;Cloudy;28;N;10;63%

Kansas City, MO;Cloudy;23;SW;14;38%

Little Rock, AR;Partly cloudy;15;WSW;5;67%

Madison, WI;Flurries;9;SW;7;83%

Milwaukee, WI;Flurries;10;WSW;15;69%

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN;Cloudy;8;NNW;16;72%

New Orleans, LA;Cloudy;37;N;3;38%

Oklahoma City, OK;Cloudy;15;WSW;8;63%

Omaha, NE;Flurries;24;NNW;20;65%

San Antonio, TX;Clear;27;NNW;9;71%

Sioux Falls, SD;Flurries;14;NNW;25;77%

Springfield, IL;Partly cloudy;15;SSW;14;58%

St. Louis, MO;Clear;16;SW;6;47%

Tulsa, OK;Clear;19;WSW;6;55%

Wichita, KS;Intermittent clouds;15;SW;7;53%


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