After floods, what's in the water?

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL - From bugs to parasites, county officials are busy after record rains in the area.

Mosquito managers in Sarasota County are busy evaluating how much standing water they may have to treat. Places where they can normally easily spray might not be enough, as areas not usually filled with water now could contain larvae.

It's a risk this time of year, says Wade Brenna with the county. "We are looking out for disease all year round but this time of year historically we do have a spike in diseases."

Meanwhile Sarasota County Health Department officials are also raising concerns. Tom Higginbotham says right now some of the standing water could contain things like pesticides, fertilizers, and organism from waste. "It can pick up bacteria and pathogens from accumulated bird and animal waste. Also, form the soil itself."

We will have much more the concerns coming up this evening on ABC 7.