A tragic accident in Myakka City kills a seven year old motorcycle rider from Pompano Beach

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MYAKKA CITY, FLA. – Police say it was a tragic accident that killed seven year old Pompano Beach boy on Saturday. According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office the accidental death happen in Myakka City during an off road motorcycle race involving kids.

The Florida Trail Riders Association that promotes the sport of off road motorcycling sanctioned the race.

Police say approximately 15 kids in the peewee division between the ages of five and eight years old, were riding on a marked track in a large field.

The kids were being monitored by an adult on motorcycle who tried to cross the track next to a clump of palmettos and did not see seven-year-old Evan Max racing toward him. Police say Max collided into the back of the adults motorcycle and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

David McDaniel is the parts manager at Hap’s Cycle Sales in Sarasota and a former off road motorcycle racer.

“It can be a dangerous sport like any other non contact sport. You are dealing with element, you are dealing with a motorized vehicle, so there is danger involved.”

Hap’s Cycle Sales sells protective safety equipment especially for children who ride off road.

McDaniel says he knows many parents who let their children ride motorcycles off road while wearing the proper safety equipment.

“For most parents safety is a big feature and they usually send their kids out with maximum protection,” said McDaniel.

He says the death of Evan Max was just a terrible accident.

The Florida Trail Riders Association promotes responsible riding but riding motorcycles is dangerous. Before anyone can participate in a Florida Trail Riders event or race they have to read and sign a release acknowledging the dangers and releasing event promoters from responsibility should damage to property or serious injury or death occur.