A simple gesture from Venice helping to heal in Newtown Connecticut

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VENICE, FL - Shortly after the tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Venice High School students decided to do their part to show the families of the victims support.

An outreach project of a paper doll chain the length of two football fields was created by the students and sent to Newtown Connecticut..

Last month, to show their gratitude, parents of a survivor with Venice ties quietly thanked the schools principal and dropped of a letter telling the students how much it meant to them. Something which has touched those involved like senior Kylie Huber. "It was just really heart warming to see that somebody actually cared about something we had done and they got to get that from us."

Principal Jack Turgeon says it was a special connection. "It is something that I am really proud about our students being apart of. When someone is going through such a difficult time, such a little gesture on our end meant so much to them."

We'll have more on that visit and what it meant to the students of Venice High School coming up this evening on ABC 7.