Steakhouse Burger Blue from BurgerFi | Suncoast View

Steakhouse Burger Blue from BurgerFi | Suncoast View
Suncoast View makes Steakhouse Burger Blue from BurgerFi.

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Paul Mullino from BurgerFi shows how to make this amazing burger!

Steakhouse Bleu Burger from BurgerFi | Suncoast View



- Potato Hamburger Bun

- A-1 Sauce

- Onion Marmalade 1 oz.

- Peppered Bacon (3 Pieces)

- Angus Patty

- Bleu Cheese Butter

- Angus Patty

- A-1 Sauce

- Bun

Bleu Cheese Butter


- 1.25 lbs. – Danish Bleu Cheese

- 1 lb. – Whipped Butter

- 2 oz. Chopped Herb Mix (use 2 oz. soufflé cup)


1. Crumble Danish Bleu cheese into small pieces.

2. Mix crumbled Danish Bleu cheese with the whipped butter.

3. Then combine your favorite herb and stir until well mixed.

4. Scoop your cheese mixture and spread on your cooked angus patty.

Cabernet Onion Marmalade/ Black Pepper Bacon


- 2.5 qt. – Diced Onions Raw

- 8 oz. - Sugar

- 375 ml. – Red Wine

- 4 oz. – Malt Vinegar

- 2 tbs. – Salt & Pepper


1. Caramelize your onions on your grill or in a sauté pan until they are a dark, golden brown

2. Transfer your onions to a pot and add the red wine, sugar, vinegar, and salt & pepper mix.

3. Cook mixture over medium low heat until all liquid is evaporated, stirring occasionally.

4. Transfer marmalade to a cooking pan, place in fridge and let chill until it is ready to top your burger.

Black Peppered Bacon


- Bacon

- Table Ground Black Pepper


1. Place your bacon on your cooking surface and cook until crispy.

2. Once the bacon is finished cooking and before removing from your cooking surface to ensure the pepper sticks to the bacon, season bacon when it is “HOT” & “WET” with a pinch of table ground black pepper.

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