Would you allow Facebook cameras into your home?

Would you allow Facebook cameras into your home?

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Are you ready for Facebook to come into your home?

With over 2.27 billion active monthly users on Facebook, this social media site continues to broaden their brand. Once a college posting site, now a marketplace, video chat center, messaging spot and much more. Now it has a new smart camera device that will bring it directly into your home.

Portal and Portal+ allows you to video chat multiple people with the feeling they are in the same room. According to the Portal Facebook site, the Portal’s smart camera adjusts and follows action wherever you are. If more people begin to enter a room, the camera automatically widens to keep everyone in view, according to Portal Facebook. But that’s not all - Portal allows voice commands to Facebook servers after you say “Hey Portal.”

With the smart camera in your home and it being voice activated, that raises privacy concerns. But Facebook says Portal has a privacy feature that allows users to turn off the microphone, you can delete Portal’s voice history in your Facebook activity log, and you can put a cover over the camera.

Facebook also says it does not listen to, view or keep the contents of your Portal video calls.

But how do you feel about Facebook being in your home? What about similar devices, such as Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa? Do you worry about your privacy when it comes to smart devices? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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