Is It Too Early for Christmas Music? | Suncoast View

Is It Too Early for Christmas Music? | Suncoast View
Many say it is too early for Christmas music, but others are ready to bring on the holiday cheer!

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Halloween is over, and it is now the beginning of November. While some are preparing for Thanksgiving, others have skipped over and gone straight to Christmas. SiriusXM is making those Christmas lovers extremely happy, as they have released all-day Christmas music on several of its stations.

While some are overjoyed, others are turning off their radios until after Thanksgiving. The debate is all over the internet on when we should begin playing those festive tunes. A good number of Christmas fanatics are obsessed with the thought of constant Christmas music already available. However, there are many other opinions on when the Christmas cheer should start.

Many are taking polls to see if people begin playing Christmas music on either: November 1st, After Thanksgiving, a week before Christmas, or all year.

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