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Video: Marvin Gaye Prince of Soul Sarasota October 25, 2018

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) "Marvin Gaye, Prince of Soul" played to sell out crowds and received rave reviews back in 2014, the first time it was produced by West Coast Black Theatre Troupe.

And now it's back by popular demand.

WBTT Founder and Artistic Director, Nate Jacobs actually wrote that original show. And now he's caving in to all the requests to bring it back again.

Nate says the show "Is about Marvin Gaye the man as well as his music. It begins in the 1950s at the start of Gaye's career with Motown and follows its twists and turns until his untimely death in the mid-1980s at the hand of his father, whose approval Marvin tried all his life to win. Gaye blazed the trail for the continued evolution of popular black music from powerful R & B to sophisticated soul to an intensely political and personal form of artistic self-expression. Rolling Stone Magazine declared Gaye one of America's greatest entertainers."

Nate Jacobs worked for years to bring the Marvin Gaye story and his music to WBTT, finally getting his script and his story approved by Gaye's representatives. Sheldon Rhoden played Marvin Gaye the first time around, and he's back in that role again. It's been said that when you see and hear him, you will swear he is channeling Marvin Gaye.

Sheldon Rhoden visits Suncoast View and gives us a preview of the music. "Marvin Gaye, Prince of Soul" is at WBTT November 28 thru January 13th.

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