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Video: Home Beauty & Anti Aging October 22, 2018

SARASOTA , FL (WWSB) - We are all in search of smoother and younger looking skin, but it can be very time consuming to make multiple trips to a doctor's office or spa for treatments, not to mention pricey. Beauty Expert Angie Lee shows us two devices you can use at home to rediscover your own fountain of Youth. First a device called Silk-N-Titan. Angie says, "It is a skin tightening and lifting device using 3 types of energy naturally from the inside out. These energies activate your body's natural restoration process by rebuilding elastin and collagen fibers resulting in tightened facial skin, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of superficial sun and age spots, and a youthful glow."

She says the Red Light Frequency focuses deep beneath the skin surface to stimulate collagen production.

The second device smooths and makes skin hair free. It's called Silk-N-Infinity.

Angie says, "This is the most advanced permanent hair removal device available for "at home" use. This professional grade system utilizes not only optical light energy but also new eHPL (enhanced home pulsed light) galvanic energy to open the pores, allowing the Infinity to deliver treatment right at the hair root with excellent efficacy in a shorter amount of time. This clinically proven treatment was previously only available as an "in office" series of treatments is now available in the privacy and comfort of your own home."

You can find more information about both of these at home beauty tools by going to

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