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Video: Rice's Modern Washers and Dryers 17,2018

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - At Rice's Appliance, you quickly learn that the laundry room has become a haven of new technology.

You only need to add detergent to some of the new washing machines every several months. The machine examines the load, decides just how much detergent is needed and adds just the right amount. Some of the new dryers you can control with your cell phone. Say you leave your clothes drying in the dryer in the morning. On the way home that night, you know they are going to be wrinkled. So you dial the dryer on your cell phone, the dryer adds a little moisture, a little steam to the clothes and has them just right when you get home. Most of the new washers and dryers are wifi accessible. The basic reason for this is, if there is a problem, you make a call, a technician from the company can tap into your machine from afar, find out exactly what the problem is and send a repairman out with the proper parts to fix it. And there are tremendous improvement in front loader washers and dryers. Some have a new high fashion design that resembles glass portholes, they combine 6 different motions to get your clothes extra clean, and they have a new technology that keeps them clean and fresh-smelling. They also have a steam feature to keep your clothes wrinkle free.

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